Great is our Lord God and greatly to be praised. His mercies over us all His works shall praise Him. We ascribe all glory to God. Our heartfelt appreciation goes to Prophet J.O. Amaniampong and Mrs. Georgina Osei Amaniampong who were the main speakers for the 2018 ITI China conference in Wuhan from 1-5th October 2018.

The 5-day conference from 1-5 October 2018 under the theme “Remain in Christ and His basic message “- 1 John 2:24-25 was hosted by Ps. Jonas Bekpene Beddim (The COP National head, China and Hong Kong). Other speakers were: Rev. Dr. Joseph I.T Buertey, (Guest speaker), Ps. Kwame Sarfo (Host President) and the National Coordinator, Elder Moses A. Ameyaw. The conference dubbed ‘Miseo Kosmos’ saw many participants (all students) from across the length and breadth of China gathering in Wuhan, a City in Hubei province. This year’s conference saw students from Shenyang, Hangzhou, Zhangjiakou, Hangzhou-Lishui, Chengdu, Nanchang, Guangzhou, Zhangjiang, Zhengjiang and Wuhan

This year’s conference was highly participated, recording an attendance of 130 participants. Also, participants were fully involved in the entire programme and enjoyed the presence of God and the ministration as outlined in the programme schedule.


Opening ceremony that kick-start the program was well participated. Right from the opening prayer, it was clear that participants were ready to experience God in the conference. The opening session also saw many participants celebrating and worshipping God during the Praise and worship time. After several songs and poetry ministrations, Ps. Beddim shared the word of God on the topic ” effects of postmodernity- the gap between the old and new folk”. Reading from the theme’s text, He emphasized out that the youth should be prepared to learn from the old folk and should not consider their ways as being outmoded. He also pointed that the old folk should embrace the dynamism that the youth present. He then concluded by saying “it takes the Grace of God to integrate the old and new folk.”

Later, in the afternoon, Prophet J. O. Amaniampong ministered on the conference theme reading from 1 John 2:24-25 he taught on what the basic message of Christ means and pointed out some heresies that confront the Christian faith in our time. He further explained that ‘basic’ does not mean ordinary, rather it is the foundational message. He also brought participant’s attention to certain doctrines and practices going on in some Churches and warned that they desist from such practices by remaining in the foundational message of Jesus Christ. Concerning the basic message, he said, “Jesus is the center, key, pillar, and pivot of the gospel. Jesus is God’s only accredited savior. The basic message administers freedom from sin, reading from Matthew 16:16-18, 1 Corinthians 15:1-4. He advised that we live for Christ as ambassadors such that our life patterns reflect the teachings of Christ- remain in the light. He encouraged the youth to find Godly friends who will spur them onto Christ-likeness, have consistent fellowship, listen to Christian messages and songs, make time to share the gospel of Christ with others, and watch videos or movies that are Christ centered.

By the third day of the conference, the euphoria was charged with spirit filled ministrations amidst dancing and praising God. On this day, participants participated in fasting and prayers. The morning session saw the National ITI coordinator, Elder Moses A. Ameyaw as the speaker whose message was titled ‘Being an agent of change’. He shared that, “Change is a daily process that occurs in the life of every individual. However, not every change brings about improvement, but every improvement leads to a change”. He explained clearly that Jesus is the greatest agent of change and reference to Matthew 4:17. He emphasized that it takes a changed mind to receive a blessing from God. He explained further that it is God’s will for the individual to be agents of change in order to connect with others and help them discover their potentials. In concluding, he shared a number of ways to become an agent of change including, having a desire to change (Philippians 2:13), discovering your seed (purpose), cultivating your seed and using the word of God.  

Ps. Jonas Bekpene Beddim continued, with a message captioned ‘Building on the basics of our forefathers- Our core mandate’ reading from 2 Timothy 1:13- 14, Judges 2:10. He strongly advised the youth to build on the foundations laid by the forefathers and not to discard it with the saying that “it is kolo”- meaning outmoded. He cited the story in 1 Kings 12:6 as an example. Ps Beddim stated that “Church is the only hope of researching the changeable changing world”. As he brought his message to a close he encouraged the youth to learn at the feet of the fathers and pledge to continue the good works they have started. The rest of the day was dedicated to intensive prayers that was led by the previous ITI coordinators. It was such a divine encounter as participants prayed to experience God and submit to the leading of the Holy Spirit.

In the afternoon, two workshops were arranged. First was captioned ‘How to evangelize to a Muslim’ facilitated by Ps. Kwame Sarfo, the President of the PENSA-Wuhan. He shared that before evangelizing to your Muslim friends pray for the Holy Spirit to lead and give you wisdom. He further advised that it is not appropriate to rush or argue with them. He shared numerous examples on how to approach a Muslim with the gospel and advised that we should be generous and practice what we preach.

The second workshop was facilitated by Mrs. Georgina Osei Amaniampong on the topic ‘Preparation towards Godly marriage’ got many of the participants overly engaged that they had forgotten they had been fasting since morning. Mrs. Amaniampong started by proving from the scriptures that marriage is good (Gen. 2: 18- 25, Proverbs 18:22). He taught that marriage is a mystery of having two people come together and make the purpose of God come pass. She insisted that marriage must honor God. She further explained citing numerous examples on how to prepare towards marriage, including; Prepare Spiritually – pray until God gives you the green light; prepare physically, prepare mentally, prepare financially, prepare emotionally. She stated that Christians must “Go into marriage with the intent to serve God’s purpose”. (Ephesians 4:26-27). In concluding, she advised the youth to keep the Church informed during the marriage process and do some background investigations about the family of the would-be spouse- their beliefs, health conditions etc. Participants asked several questions on the topic and responses were provided by Prophet Amaniampong and Wife.

Finally, in the evening an interactive session was organized where participants could ask both Prophet and Mrs. Georgina questions that cut across all spheres of life. This session was very educative as it gave many participants the opportunity to freely express mind-boggling questions and situations and receive sound response from our father and mother.



The morning and afternoon of the fourth day of the conference was slated for games. Participants competed in Track events, Soccer, Volleyball, Table tennis Ampe, and other outdoor activities. These activities were keenly contested among the various cities. A few worth mentioning would be the female soccer between Wuhan and Zhangjiakou, the male 4 x 100 race and male soccer between Wuhan and Zhangjiakou. All of which was won by Wuhan with close margins. Zhangjiakou won gold medals for the female 4 x 100 and 400m races as well.


Bible Quiz competition

Later in the evening, the much-anticipated Bible Quiz competition had Wuhan, Hangzhou-Lizhou and Zhangjiakou battling it out for the 2018 trophy. Contestants were questioned from the books of Ruth and 1 John and had to completely recite 2 and 3 John in addition to answering questions on current affairs and general knowledge about ITI.  After a keen contest, Hangzhou-Lizhou came first with Wuhan and Zhangjiakou as first and second runner-ups respectively.

Closing ceremony

Final day of the conference was an encounter with divinity indeed. Prophet ministered on the topic “Prophecy- hearing the voice of God” reading from John‬ ‮10:27-28‬. Prophecy is a vocal gift. He explained that a prophecy before the word prepares the preacher and prophecy after the word comes to confirm the word. He encouraged participants to be sensitive to the Spirit of God in order hear from him always. He also advised that they align themselves for God to use you. He stated that “Knowing God and hearing from Him gives you the assurance that you are living in his will”. He emphasized that God is the one who understands and interprets dreams, visions, and prophecies. Using Joseph’s encounter with God for the interpretation of dreams, he stated that emphatically that, “The prophet does not know it all”. ‬‬

Reading from Hebrews‬ ‮1:1-2‬, he mentioned that God still speaks today and outlined some of the means God speaks as through individuals who are sensitive, through prophecies, through dreams. (Gen. 37:5-11, 31:5-7, Matt 1:20, 2:13), through visions (Gen 15:1-4, 46:2, Acts 16:9-11, 9-1), through trances. He added that God can use our intuitions to minister to us stating that Intuitions are not visual. He continued to share several instances where God has spoken to him on different issues through different means in his lifetime. In concluding, he advised that the youth of today “should not limit God’s action to a particular Church culture”. Prophet prayed and blessed the entire congregation.‬‬‬‬‬


Awards and picture taking

The coordinating team together with Ps. Beddim presented citations in honor of Prophet James Osei Amaniampong, Mrs. Georgina Osei Amaniampong, Rev. Dr. Buertey, Ps. Kwame Sarfo, the coordinating team members, contestants in all the outdoor activities and Bible quiz competitions. The next ITI conference in 2019 God-willing will be hosted in Shengyang. The coordinator in person of Dcn. Alex Acquah. This activity was followed immediately with several picture taking and exchanges of goodbye messages.



The glorious atmosphere and divine experience in this year’s ITI conference was great and all glory goes to God for making the conference a success. Next appreciation goes to our main speaker Prophet James Osei Amaniampong, Mrs. Georgina Osei Amaniampong, and Guest speakers Rev. Dr. Buertey, Ps. Kwame Sarfo. Sincere thanks to Ps. Jonas Beddim, Elder Moses A. Ameyaw and the entire coordinating team for their tireless effort in organizing this conference, their efforts have been par excellence.


Miseo Kosmos….I live for Christ…aaaaaa !

Long live ITI China!

Long live COP China!



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